Big Man Japan

Big Man Japan review

"A must-see this one, if only to marvel at the insane creations and wacky surreal scenes that come from an utterly silly premise given a fully straight-faced treatment."

Mutant Girls Squad

Mutant Girls Squad review

"If you still haven't seen enough body mutations, strange nose guns and creative ways to slice people in half (or more parts), this is a film that simply cannot be missed."

Till We Meet Again

Till We Meet Again review

"Giddens Ko finally banks on his talent and serves a wildly creative and unique film, with the necessary visual flair, a notable soundtrack and strong performances to back it up."

Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea

Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea review

"It is great to see Miyazaki return to his former self after 15 years, Ponyo is certainly up there with the best of his work and is a good step up from Mononoke, Chihiro and Howl."

Any Way the Wind Blows

Any Way the Wind Blows review

"A virtuoso film that breathes Antwerp, brings together a varied cast of loveable characters and subjects them to a selection of weird, awkward and funny situations."

Ambiguous Places

Ambiguous Places review

"Ambiguous Places is the purest form of comedy. A film that sets out to bewilder and amuse its audience in the most deadpan way possible, taking no shortcuts or concessions whatsoever."

Children of the Sea

Children of the Sea review

"Animation-wise this is one of the most impressive films I've seen so far. A creative, stylistic and technical marvel that honors its fantasy elements in the best way possible."


Memories review

"Anthology projects offer the world a glimpse of the diversity of Japanese animation. Memories is one of the best of its kind and probably one of Studio 4°C's most prestigious undertakings so far."

Isn't Anyone Alive?

Isn't Anyone Alive? review

"Let yourself be carried away by Ishii's unique sense of comedy coupled with a strong and mysterious build-up. In the end he might have changed his name, but he can't hide his talent"


Casshern review

"As time continues to mask the film's technological shortcomings, its aesthetic prowess only grows bigger. Casshern looks great, it's lots of fun, and it's fast-paced from start to finish."

The Midnight Maiden War

The Midnight Maiden War review

"The stylish cinematography and superb sound design create a unique and tangible atmosphere, the performances and strong characterization add extra flair to the whole."

The Grandmaster

The Grandmaster review

"There is plenty of wonder, tension and intrigue that kept me occupied whenever I found time to pry my eyes and ears away from the drop dead gorgeous presentation."

Nowhere Girl

Nowhere Girl review

"The audiovisual qualities are nothing less than impressive, the structure is meticulously executed, and the finale is one of the most memorable ever."

My Man

My Man review

"With a superb soundtrack, two killer leads and some visual panache, Kumakiri delivers a film that has the power to linger. That is, if you can stomach the punches My Man dishes out."

Crank 2

Crank 2 review

"If you liked the first Crank film but thought it was just a little too tame, too restrained, not quite pushing things far enough, this sequel is sure to cater to your needs"


Climax review

"Debie's cinematography is first class, the soundtrack is spot on, the dance routines are pretty impressive, performances are great, and the final hour is Noé at his finest/darkest."


Angel-A review

"From the outside it may appear a little stuffy (French, black and white photography, jazzy music), but underneath that layer of arthouse polish lies an entertaining, smart and refreshing little film."

Air Doll

Air Doll review

"A warm, lovingly crafted drama, with a spectacular central performance and fine cinematography, leaning quite heavily on its fantastical premise while using it to question more prominent issues."


Izo review

"I've seen Izo three times now and the film keeps impressing me, it's a superb mix of genre film making and arthouse cinema, an unlikely mix that we might never see again in this form."

They Say Nothing Stays the Same

They Say Nothing Stays the Same review

"Odagiri combined Doyle and Hamasyan's work to create a superb atmosphere, assembled a supremely talented cast and blended everything into a smart, empathic and respectful film."


Moebius review

"I experienced Moebius as an extremely intense drama, a strict downwards spiral invoked by a family acting purely on their urges and instincts."


Primer review

"I love Primer for its calm and mysterious atmosphere, its exploration of the wonders and dangers of a scientific breakthrough that can't really be explained."


H4Z4RD review

"Govaerts crafted a near-perfect piece of entertainment that gets progressively better as time passes, without ever losing sight of the cinematic craft and creativity that blesses the best of genre films."

G Affairs

G Affairs review

"With stunning cinematography, superb performances, an intriguing plot and challenging themes G Affairs becomes a testament to the cinematic talent Hong Kong can produce."


Gamer review

"If you're looking for a short, fun and action-filled film than Gamer is a prime choice. It's extremely visual, fast and without compromise. And above all, it's executed remarkably well."