Braindead review

"This is one of the most fun-filled films I've ever seen, one of the few contenders to the current Japanese splatter wave and one of my all-time favorite horror flicks."


Angel-A review

"From the outside it may appear a little stuffy (French, black and white photography, jazzy music), but underneath that layer of arthouse polish lies an entertaining, smart and refreshing little film."


Cocolors review

"Kamikaze Douga made a compact, slickly and tightly produced film that looks and sounds beautiful, feels original and packs more surprises than your average flagship title."

Man Bites Dog

Man Bites Dog review

"Wildly funny, surprisingly off-center and grimly amusing. It might be a little difficult film to blindly recommend to others, but if you're into black comedy, make it your top priority."


Renaissance review

"A grand sci-fi flick that sets up an intriguing future and paints a pretty grim yet cohesive picture, offers a solid but tested plot and does all of that in a slim and slick 90 minutes."

Swiss Army Man

Swiss Army Man review

"Not everyone is going to appreciate the peculiar sense of humor on display here, but Kwan and Scheinert deliver a film that is witty, smart, well-made, pure and most of all unique."


Soul review

"Soul is pretty much perfect, though it might not be very accessible to those who fail to appreciate the mix of arthouse and genre film ideologies on display here."


Sparrow review

"To's passion for the job shows in every single scene, choice and detail. Sparrow has a very particular and unique flow and knows to charm from start to finish."

Tokyo Gore Police

Tokyo Gore Police review

"Tokyo Gore Police is gory, fun, funny, weird and insane, but at the same time the realm in which it exists starts to grow on you, especially when the creatures become increasingly outrageous."

Monsters Club

Monsters Club review

"The film looks beautiful, the atmosphere is tangible and the imagery unique, offering a surprising spin on what looks like yet another story about one person's distrust of modern society."

Kizumonogatari III: Reiketsu-hen

Kizumonogatari III: Reiketsu-hen review

"The Kizumonogatari experience is impossible to recommend, rather it has to be experienced. Reiketsu-hen provides perfect closure to this film series and conjures up the genius of the first film"

Chasuke's Journey

Chasuke's Journey review

"Chasuke's Journey is visually stunning, very well acted, original and most of all unique. It's exactly the kind of film that fuels my love for Japanese cinema."

The Book of Birdie

The Book of Birdie review

"The bemusing ambiguity, the constant mystery and the flawless presentation make The Book of Birdie into an intriguing film that stands well on its own and begs for validation."

Revenge: A Love Story

Revenge: A Love Story review

"Revenge: A Love Story lacks any weak points, excels on almost every level and enhances the Cat III rating with some damn stylish film making, setting it apart from its peers."


Diary review

"Diary is a skillful, beautiful and impressive little mindfuck thriller. With a very limited cast and one single location Oxide Pang still manages to go all-out and delivers his best film to date."


Mother! review

"Mother is a film that is minutely tailored to allow for a thorough personal experience, while also covering themes that encompass the whole of humanity."


Moebius review

"I experienced Moebius as an extremely intense drama, a strict downwards spiral invoked by a family acting purely on their urges and instincts."

It Comes

It Comes review

"Delivers on its genre premise, is different enough to keep you on your toes and is impeccably executed, with beautiful cinematography, strong use of its score and boasting stellar performances."

Godzilla: Monster Planet

Godzilla: Monster Planet review

"If you're an anime and/or sci-fi fan and you're up for a little Gojira action mixed with hardcore sci-fi, this is by far the best entry in the franchise so far. Bring on the sequels."

Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea

Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea review

"It is great to see Miyazaki return to his former self after 15 years, Ponyo is certainly up there with the best of his work and is a good step up from Mononoke, Chihiro and Howl."


Sonatine review

"The blend of sudden violence with quirky fun forms an explosive cocktail that's not only great to watch, but helps to get a feel for what would otherwise be lifeless characters."

Let the Bullets Fly

Let the Bullets Fly review

"It's a remarkable blend of arthouse and commercial cinema that strikes a perfect balance between entertainment and cinematic wonder, one of the most stylishly entertaining films out there."

Legend of the Demon Cat

Legend of the Demon Cat review

"The film is a visual wonder that offers plenty of entertainment. While the story is adequate and the acting on point, it's really just a trip through the magnificent universe that Chen conjures up."

Lost River

Lost River review

"An audiovisual trip through an intriguing world, it's a feverish nightmare presented as a soothing dream, but above all it's a film from a director who has a voice of his own."

Isn't Anyone Alive?

Isn't Anyone Alive? review

"Let yourself be carried away by Ishii's unique sense of comedy coupled with a strong and mysterious build-up. In the end he might have changed his name, but he can't hide his talent"