Small Gods

Small Gods review

"A unique film that is stylistically strong enough to impose a feeling on the viewer without much impulses from the story itself, a gritty and uncomfortable mood piece if I ever saw one."


Angel-A review

"From the outside it may appear a little stuffy (French, black and white photography, jazzy music), but underneath that layer of arthouse polish lies an entertaining, smart and refreshing little film."


Guilty review

"Powerful, gripping and skillfully made. If you're a fan of Hong Kong's harsher thrillers this is definitely for you, if you like directors like Pou-Soi Cheang don't think twice about seeing this one."

22nd of May

22nd of May review

"22nd of May shows definite progression, revealing a powerful and unique style that left me pretty dazzled. It's the kind of film that makes me love my hobby."

Short Peace

Short Peace review

"There's no weak link here, no bad parts or boring bits. It's a celebration of animation as an art form and it stands in stark contrast to other contemporary feature-length animation films."


Izo review

"I've seen Izo three times now and the film keeps impressing me, it's a superb mix of genre film making and arthouse cinema, an unlikely mix that we might never see again in this form."

Millennium Actress

Millennium Actress review

"The animation is detailed, the direction solid and there's no filler. Add to that a sumptuous score and Kon's perfect sense of timing, and you have a beautiful film that will last you a lifetime."

Crank 2

Crank 2 review

"If you liked the first Crank film but thought it was just a little too tame, too restrained, not quite pushing things far enough, this sequel is sure to cater to your needs"


Casshern review

"As time continues to mask the film's technological shortcomings, its aesthetic prowess only grows bigger. Casshern looks great, it's lots of fun, and it's fast-paced from start to finish."

Nowhere Girl

Nowhere Girl review

"The audiovisual qualities are nothing less than impressive, the structure is meticulously executed, and the finale is one of the most memorable ever."

Tokyo Vampire Hotel - The Movie

Tokyo Vampire Hotel - The Movie review

"100% vintage, uncut, madcap Sono. An insanely bloody, stylish and unique vampire flick that mixes classic folklore with original lore and delivers one of his most impressive rollercoaster rides yet."

Chasuke's Journey

Chasuke's Journey review

"Chasuke's Journey is visually stunning, very well acted, original and most of all unique. It's exactly the kind of film that fuels my love for Japanese cinema."

Shell and Joint

Shell and Joint review

"Somewhat experimental, pretty damn funny and extremely Japanese. A stylistic and comedic masterpiece that hides its wit really well, but for those who reach the end it's impossible to miss."

Air Doll

Air Doll review

"A warm, lovingly crafted drama, with a spectacular central performance and fine cinematography, leaning quite heavily on its fantastical premise while using it to question more prominent issues."

Tokyo Gore Police

Tokyo Gore Police review

"Tokyo Gore Police is gory, fun, funny, weird and insane, but at the same time the realm in which it exists starts to grow on you, especially when the creatures become increasingly outrageous."


xxxHolic review

"She was smart to adapt xxxHolic, a franchise allowing her to go full out with sets and costumes. The astounding visuals are a given, the soundtrack is a welcome surprise, the rest is just pure bonus."

High & Low: The Movie

High & Low: The Movie review

"The action is superb, the styling is just insane and the pacing is pleasantly fast, making this by far the flashiest and boldest high school brawler around."

Mind Game

Mind Game review

"Yuasa delivers a wildly original, splendidly executed and surprisingly emotional animation that defies categorization and comparison. Mind Game is a film that needs to be experienced."


Renaissance review

"A grand sci-fi flick that sets up an intriguing future and paints a pretty grim yet cohesive picture, offers a solid but tested plot and does all of that in a slim and slick 90 minutes."

Ambiguous Places

Ambiguous Places review

"Ambiguous Places is the purest form of comedy. A film that sets out to bewilder and amuse its audience in the most deadpan way possible, taking no shortcuts or concessions whatsoever."


Primer review

"I love Primer for its calm and mysterious atmosphere, its exploration of the wonders and dangers of a scientific breakthrough that can't really be explained."

Legend of the Demon Cat

Legend of the Demon Cat review

"The film is a visual wonder that offers plenty of entertainment. While the story is adequate and the acting on point, it's really just a trip through the magnificent universe that Chen conjures up."

Baober in Love

Baober in Love review

"Brace yourself for a sweet romance with a nasty sting and you'll be hard-pressed to think bad of this little gem that would turn out to be the start of a new Chinese cinematic movement."


Fornacis review

"Fornacis is my kind of cinema. A perfect blend of the artsy and the fantastical, an experience rather than a narrative, a film that uses everything at its disposal to create something unique."

Wings of Honneamise

Wings of Honneamise review

"Interesting themes, blissful artwork, a stellar soundtrack and the perfect ending make for an amazing film that didn't lose much of its shine and polish over the years."