The Amazing Lives of the Fast Food Grifters

The Amazing Lives of the Fast Food Grifters review

"The film is smart, quirky, looks and sounds great and is filled to the brim with bristling creativity. It is hilarious, even if you can't catch all the details on the first viewing."


Fornacis review

"Fornacis is my kind of cinema. A perfect blend of the artsy and the fantastical, an experience rather than a narrative, a film that uses everything at its disposal to create something unique."


Guilty review

"Powerful, gripping and skillfully made. If you're a fan of Hong Kong's harsher thrillers this is definitely for you, if you like directors like Pou-Soi Cheang don't think twice about seeing this one."

Getting Wild with Our Monkey

Getting Wild with Our Monkey review

"A film filled with weirdness, humor and strange characters, sporting a great soundtrack and plenty of visual prowess. And somehow nobody seems interested in getting this film out to the West."

The Girl from the Other Side

The Girl from the Other Side review

"Thanks to the wonderful art style, the atmospheric soundtrack and the proper amount of mystery and intrigue, this film is poised to become a future fantasy classic."

The Last Circus

The Last Circus review

"A technical marvel, an unearthly combination of pulp and arthouse that is equally moving as it is entertaining, without ever becoming cheap or misplaced."

The Banquet

The Banquet review

"If you can stomach the classic tragedy, a world of unmatched cinematographic beauty opens itself and provides one of the most stunningly beautiful action films ever released."

Swiss Army Man

Swiss Army Man review

"Not everyone is going to appreciate the peculiar sense of humor on display here, but Kwan and Scheinert deliver a film that is witty, smart, well-made, pure and most of all unique."

Small Gods

Small Gods review

"A unique film that is stylistically strong enough to impose a feeling on the viewer without much impulses from the story itself, a gritty and uncomfortable mood piece if I ever saw one."


Martyrs review

"It's a bleak, depressing but all the more impressive look into the darker depths of the human condition, it will leave you cringing in your seat, and it will make you want to look away."


Exiled review

"It's rare to find genre cinema this refined, this detailed. There is not a single element out of tune, the styling is lush and delicate, the action is spot on and every single scene is memorable."


Diary review

"Diary is a skillful, beautiful and impressive little mindfuck thriller. With a very limited cast and one single location Oxide Pang still manages to go all-out and delivers his best film to date."

Hellevator: The Bottled Fools

Hellevator: The Bottled Fools review

"What Yamaguchi lacks in budget he makes up in inventiveness and creativity. The result is a highly entertaining film that contains plenty of treats to keep you interested throughout."

Mind Game

Mind Game review

"Yuasa delivers a wildly original, splendidly executed and surprisingly emotional animation that defies categorization and comparison. Mind Game is a film that needs to be experienced."

Memories of Matsuko

Memories of Matsuko review

"The blend of an explicit and vibrant stylistic signature and upbeat musical numbers with a deeply tragic narrative is impossible to explain, it just has to be experienced first-hand."

Lost River

Lost River review

"An audiovisual trip through an intriguing world, it's a feverish nightmare presented as a soothing dream, but above all it's a film from a director who has a voice of his own."

Legend of the Demon Cat

Legend of the Demon Cat review

"The film is a visual wonder that offers plenty of entertainment. While the story is adequate and the acting on point, it's really just a trip through the magnificent universe that Chen conjures up."

Millennium Actress

Millennium Actress review

"The animation is detailed, the direction solid and there's no filler. Add to that a sumptuous score and Kon's perfect sense of timing, and you have a beautiful film that will last you a lifetime."

High & Low: The Movie

High & Low: The Movie review

"The action is superb, the styling is just insane and the pacing is pleasantly fast, making this by far the flashiest and boldest high school brawler around."


Inside review

"A film that will please horror and gore fans alike. It starts of slow, but it doesn't take long before everything turns bad and it doesn't back down until the last drop of blood has been spilled."

Wings of Honneamise

Wings of Honneamise review

"Interesting themes, blissful artwork, a stellar soundtrack and the perfect ending make for an amazing film that didn't lose much of its shine and polish over the years."

Monsters Club

Monsters Club review

"The film looks beautiful, the atmosphere is tangible and the imagery unique, offering a surprising spin on what looks like yet another story about one person's distrust of modern society."


Cocolors review

"Kamikaze Douga made a compact, slickly and tightly produced film that looks and sounds beautiful, feels original and packs more surprises than your average flagship title."

Baober in Love

Baober in Love review

"Brace yourself for a sweet romance with a nasty sting and you'll be hard-pressed to think bad of this little gem that would turn out to be the start of a new Chinese cinematic movement."


Blowfish review

"A slow yet beautiful, gracious and delightfully subtle film that plays one single card, but plays it so damn well that it easily lasts the 90 minute running time."