The Bow

The Bow review

"The Bow is a pretty logical evolution in Ki-duk's career. It includes many of the themes and stylistic choices from his older films while still lacking the slicker execution of his newer ones."

Dead Daughters

Dead Daughters review

"Don't expect a typical horror film going into Dead Daughters, but expect to be impressed by Ruminov's skill to conjure up a tense and moody atmosphere out of thin air."

964 Pinocchio

964 Pinocchio review

"It's one of the few films that manages to have a physical effect on its audiences, something I can truly appreciate. To endure is to overcome, and once the film is finished you do feel somehow reborn."

Hakuchi: The Innocent

Hakuchi: The Innocent review

"Quality film making, sporting a superb cast, a solid soundtrack and eye-popping cinematography. A slice of urban fantasy/retro sci-fi that mixes classic and contemporary cinema to great effect."

Invisible Waves

Invisible Waves review

"Compared to LLitU just about everything is more polished. The visuals look tastier, the soundtrack is even more profoundly present and the acting is just about perfect."


Dream review

"He's getting there, slowly but surely. Odagiri's presence was a smart move, and so was the strong and exceptional idea behind the film. One of Ki-duk's best, no doubt."

Sodium Babies

Sodium Babies review

"The film is packed to the brim with great ideas and memorable scenes, it's a true testament to their talent, but at the same time it's also quite chaotic and a little bumpy."


19 review

"19 is rich in atmosphere, offers a novel take on the road movie and it left me wishing more films were like this. It's a little diamond in the rough and I'm pretty glad I'm able to cherish it."


Brother review

"Brother is not an American Kitano film, it's a Kitano film set in America. If you liked Sonatine, Hana-bi, and Boiling Point then you really can't go wrong with this one."

About Love

About Love review

"If romance isn't your thing this anthology probably isn't going to persuade you, but within the genre this is definitely one of the better offerings out there."

Natural Born Killers

Natural Born Killers review

"It's a pretty crazy ride that revels in the violence on display, while at the same time lashing out at the media's sensationalism and the audience's lack of critical standards."


[Rec] review

"[Rec] is an extreme thrill that aptly uses modern techniques to its best advantage, creating a truly creepy and tense atmosphere where so many films before it have failed."

The Most Beautiful Night in the World

The Most Beautiful Night in the World review

"Tengan's Sekia is a little gem."


Vidocq review

"While technology has long since caught up with Pitof's first, its strange and no-hold-barred visual approach still sets it apart on an aesthetic level."

Chandmani Sum

Chandmani Sum review

"Hartsuiker succeeds in his mission, as he delivers a visually accomplished document with a superb soundtrack, transporting you to a world not quite like ours."

Mulholland Dr.

Mulholland Dr. review

"Still a superb film with strong performances, a haunting score, and its fair share of memorable scenes, so if you haven't seen it yet it comes warmly recommended."


Helldriver review

"Nishimura adepts can rejoice, Helldriver is up there with the best, sporting roughly two hours of madness, hilariously out-of-place social criticism and tons and tons of liters of blood."

Toy Reanimator

Toy Reanimator review

"It's a cute and interesting fantasy tale with a darker edge, sporting some lovely visuals and some solid performances, never outstaying its welcome and leaving a fresh impression."

Upstream Color

Upstream Color review

"After a 9-year gap, Shane Carruth returns with Upstream Color, a film that surprises, enchants, and mystifies to the point where watching it feels very much like dreaming."


Strings review

"The puppetry skills are outstanding, the setting and lore are elaborate and due to its economic runtime, the ideas and creativity put into it never fail to amaze."

Cold Fish

Cold Fish review

"Cold Fish is a film that will sit well with those who appreciate awkward, cruel and excessive Japanese cinema."

Taipei Exchanges

Taipei Exchanges review

"It's a small, delicate, and subtle little film, a wholesome, warm blanket that feels fresher than most of its peers and excels in just about every way possible."


Frontier(s) review

"Together with the gore, there's enough freaky weirdness and downright perversion to keep most seasoned horror fans happy."

Do Over

Do Over review

"One thing is certain though. Cheng has style and he has a clear vision he wishes to share through his films. His addition to Taiwanese cinema (and cinema in general) is a very welcome one."

The Consequences of Love

The Consequences of Love review

"Le Conseguenze dell'Amora is the perfect film for people who aren't really too taken by the classic mafia films and are yearning for a more modern version of the Italian underground antics."