Who Are You?

Who Are You? review

"Fans of Meat Grinder or likewise will probably love this film. It's lush, bursting with strong colors and lovely cinematography."

God of Cookery

God of Cookery review

"The cinematography isn't top notch and the score is forgettable, but the jokes are memorable and Chow's delivery is best in class, making this a 90-minute-long delight."


Halfway review

"In the end Halfway is a film primarily made for existing fans of the genre. It's a very good, solid entry in the genre but does little to cross any existing boundaries."

To be revealed


Milocrorze: A Love Story

Milocrorze: A Love Story review

"Milocrorze may not be as polished or technically proficient as Survive Style 5+, Ishibashi's film is way more ambitious than any of its peers."

Peony Pavilion

Peony Pavilion review

"If you want a love story set in early 20th-century China that subverts traditional gender roles, complemented by impeccable styling and stand-out performances, this should be your go-to film."

Bus Stop

Bus Stop review

"The stylish presentation, the refined pacing, and layered performances support a smart and well-balanced drama that isn't afraid to confront the audience with some challenging questions."

The Woman Knight of Mirror Lake

The Woman Knight of Mirror Lake review

"Fans of Yau should expect a cleaner and less gritty adoption of his trademark style, other people should be aware that Woman Knight can be a bit more direct than other, more typical martial arts epics"


Trap review

"It's hard to recommend this film without prior knowledge of the previous films."


Super review

"Super is an excellent addition to the nerdy superhero genre."


Tori review

"Tadanobu Asano shows he has a knack for combining cinematography and music to create warm, wholesome, and mysterious films, though they're not the most accessible ones."

The Tall Man

The Tall Man review

"The Tall Man holds his punches until the very end, where it finally reveals itself as a film that cares very little about the Tall Man legend, instead focusing on more pressing and serious issues."


Nina review

"The gritty cinematography and the eerie soundtrack are genre staples, but the Brazilian setting, the spirited performances, and the puzzling finale add that little bit of extra spice."

The Simpsons Movie

The Simpsons Movie review

"A film that doesn't deviate too much from the original show, but adds a bit of extra appeal that wouldn't have been possible if it had remained stuck on TV."


Hate review

"Thanks to the strong performances of the central cast, the stylish black-and-white cinematography, and the fitting soundtrack it is still an impressive film with a gutwrenching finale."

Snow White: The Sequel

Snow White: The Sequel review

"The film is pretty short and rightfully so. A joke can only be stretched that far, and when you start getting used to the tone of the film the fun slowly fades."

Electric Shadows

Electric Shadows review

"There is a little cruft near the end and some parts could've been streamlined a little better, but overall it's a sweet and endearing film that shows a deep love for cinema."

St. John's Wort

St. John's Wort review

"It is far from a perfect film, maybe not a film that will stay with you for a very long time, but it sure sticks out from the rest."

Seventh Moon

Seventh Moon review

"It's a shame that Sanchez couldn't get the camera work right, otherwise Seventh Moon could've been a contender of films like [Rec] and Blair Witch."


Insidious review

"If you love bitching about horror cliches and lack of originality, you'll have a swell time bitching about this film."

Go, Go Second Time Virgin

Go, Go Second Time Virgin review

"The gritty and grainy cinematography and the harsh thematical content contrast superbly with the poetic soundtrack and its emotional core, creating a stylish firecracker of a film."

The Machine Girl

The Machine Girl review

"If you like Japanese weirdness, gore and crazy black comedy coolness you'll like The Machine Girl."

The Tag-Along

The Tag-Along review

"Still, it's nice to see Taiwan deliver a good horror film like this. The acting is well above par, the film looks great and the added couleur locale is sure to please seasoned horror fans."

District B13

District B13 review

"There's plenty of variation in the action scenes, the action choreography is splendid, the styling is bold and the pacing is slick. It's everything a modern action film should be."


Three review

"Slick styling, a sizeable budget, and proper scares lie at the core of the film's appeal, with each director injecting a dose of local folklore to set the different shorts apart."