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The Fourth Portrait

Di Si Zhang Hua
2010 / 105m - Taiwan
The Fourth Portrait poster

Powerful, poetic, lush, atmospheric and ultimately gripping. It's not unique or wildly different, but a perfect execution of a popular genre, lifting the film far above the competition.


Shi Hun
2013 / 111m - Taiwan
Soul poster

Soul is pretty much perfect, though it might not be very accessible to those who fail to appreciate the mix of arthouse and genre film ideologies on display here.


Yi Lu Shun Feng
2016 / 111m - Taiwan
Godspeed poster

Depending on where you're coming from, Godspeed is either a superb crime flick or an ever so slightly disappointing Mong-Hong Chung film.

A Sun

Yang Guang Pu Zhao
2019 / 156m - Taiwan
Drama, Crime
A Sun poster

Another mighty fine film by Chung, though probably his most commercial outing since his debut. More focus on conventional drama and a tad long, but there are plenty of gripping moments and the visual splendor of his earlier films is still very much present. A perfect entry point for those not yet familiar with Chung's oeuvre.

The Falls

Pu Bu
2021 / 129m - Taiwan
The Falls poster

Mong-Hong Chung's latest is another striking drama. Since his Golden Horse win it's been a lot easier to keep track of Chung's work, which I'm truly grateful for. The Falls isn't his best film, but the cinematography is beautiful, the score is on point, the performances are great, and the drama is very effective. The film offers a balanced look at a daughter taking care of her mom as she is diagnosed with psychosis. Gripping from start to finish, this is an easy recommend for all those who enjoyed his previous films.


Ting Che
2008 / 112m - Taiwan
Parking poster

Mong-Hong Chung's first feature film. The quality is already there. A bunch of great actors, the cinematography is on point and the plot is amusing. It reminded me a lot of Sabu's earlier films, freeflowing and unburdened. It's not yet Chung at his very best, but the potential is hard to miss.