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Alive and kicking


Darkness and Light

Hei An Zhi Guang
1999 / 104m - Taiwan
Drama, Crime
Darkness and Light poster

A film that tries very hard to be part of the Taiwanese New Wave. It is reminiscent of Tsai's early work, but because of that the film feels older than its year of release suggests. If you're looking for a slice of understated Taiwanese crime cinema the film won't disappoint, I hoped for more and didn't really get it.

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Kang-Yi is a young girl helping out the people in her apartment building. Most of them are blind and are working in a massage parlor. When Ah Ping moves into her building the two fall in love and start dating. One of Kang-Yi's classmates is jealous and gathers some friends to bully Ah Ping.

There are some decent shots, but they are few and far between. The performances aren't that great, the plot is very basic and the pacing is a little too slow. It's just not a very original or remarkable film, especially when compared to its contemporaries. Taiwan can do some much better.