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Just Call Me Nobody

Da Xiao Jiang Hu
2010 / 119m - Taiwan
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Flying Dagger

Shen Jing Dao Yu Fei Tian Mao
1993 / 86m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Fantasy
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Oolong Courtyard: KungFu School

2018 / 103m - China
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A belated sequel. I never watched the first film, but that's hardly a problem. If you're familiar with the type of comedy Chow/Ng did in the 90s, you should feel right at home here. The biggest difference comes from the HK/China switch, with China still struggling to nail the tone and vibe of their comedies.

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Two street hustlers get caught in the act, in return to have to steal a divine stone from a monastery. They manage to sweet talk the monks into letting them stay, but the longer they stay with them, the more they start to feel at home. Other parties are also looking for the stone though, and the monastery becomes a real battleground.

The mix of comedy and action feels familiar, but somehow China doesn't really have the talent (yet) to pull off this type of expressive comedy. There are some fun gags, the pacing is solid, and I never got bored or disinterested, but in the end, the film left me longing for the original. Decent filler, but know what you're getting yourself into.

The Treasure Hunter

Ci Ling
2009 / 105m - Taiwan
Fantasy, Adventure
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Kung Fu Dunk

Gong Fu Guan Lan
2008 / 100m - China
Comedy, Sport
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Island of Fire

Huo Shao Dao
1990 / 125m - Taiwan
Action, Crime
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