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The Bold, the Corrupt, and the Beautiful

Xue Guan Yin
2017 / 112m - Taiwan
Drama, Thriller
The Bold, the Corrupt, and the Beautiful poster

A pleasant thriller with a strong dramatic foundation. Like many contemporary Taiwanese films, it mixes classic elegance with more modern touches. These films rarely disappoint, but they also lack the boldness and sense of adventure that made Taiwanese cinema such an exciting industry a mere decade ago.

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Tang is a crafty woman who stands between the government and private companies, managing relations while bettering herself and her family in the process. She is very respected, until disaster strikes and close friends of Tang are murdered when in town for a visit. The case becomes a big media spectacle and places Tang's family in the spotlight.

The cinematography is very polished, the soundtrack is classy, the performances are on point and there's a nifty thriller element that keeps things interesting. It's all very nice and pleasant, but it lacks that little extra something to make it stand out from the crowd. A very good film though, and an easy recommendation for those who like a bit of Taiwanese class.

Orz Boyz

Jiong Nan Hai
2008 / 104m - Taiwan
Orz Boyz poster