Horsehead review

"Basset shows tremendous potential and doesn't waste any time cashing in on it. Horsehead is an audiovisual marvel, featuring an amazing soundtrack and stellar cinematography."

In This Corner of the World

In This Corner of the World review

"It may start off sweet, and it may look the part, but underneath there's anger, disappointment and suffering, though well hidden beneath the positive disposition of its main character."

Getting Wild with Our Monkey

Getting Wild with Our Monkey review

"A film filled with weirdness, humor and strange characters, sporting a great soundtrack and plenty of visual prowess. And somehow nobody seems interested in getting this film out to the West."

The Girl on the Bridge

The Girl on the Bridge review

"Add stellar performances by Auteuil and Paradis, superb black and white visuals and a fun soundtrack and what you have is a modern (though often overlooked) French cinema classic."


Fornacis review

"Fornacis is my kind of cinema. A perfect blend of the artsy and the fantastical, an experience rather than a narrative, a film that uses everything at its disposal to create something unique."


Exiled review

"It's rare to find genre cinema this refined, this detailed. There is not a single element out of tune, the styling is lush and delicate, the action is spot on and every single scene is memorable."

1778 Stories of Me and My Wife

1778 Stories of Me and My Wife review

"The film looks and sounds amazing, the characters are extremely lovably and while 140 minutes is quite a demanding length for an upbeat film like this, I can't remember checking the clock once."

See You Tomorrow

See You Tomorrow review

"See You Tomorrow is a pleasure to behold. It works both as a super stylish genre flick and as more accessible entertainment. There's plenty of talent involved and nobody disappoints."


Equals review

"This is genre cinema with the signature of an auteur, mood cinema with smarts and depth. Lush visuals, a superb soundtrack and slick performances only make it better."

Dog Bite Dog

Dog Bite Dog review

"Cheang flexes his directorial muscles, offering great visuals, an impressive soundtrack and an interesting story that differentiates plenty from standard Hong Kong fare."

The Wind Rises

The Wind Rises review

"The Wind Rises is a more than worthy closing act. It's one of Miyazaki's very best films, a stunning ode to passion and perseverance in the face of a looming war."


Glasses review

"It relishes the beauty of boredom and shows a glimpse of true bliss, even to people who wouldn't normally want to be caught dead in main character's situation."


Revolver review

"Revolver is slick, stylistically impressive and atmospherically cohesive. It's a small departure from his earlier films, but that's actually a welcome change of scenery."


Primer review

"I love Primer for its calm and mysterious atmosphere, its exploration of the wonders and dangers of a scientific breakthrough that can't really be explained."

Baober in Love

Baober in Love review

"Brace yourself for a sweet romance with a nasty sting and you'll be hard-pressed to think bad of this little gem that would turn out to be the start of a new Chinese cinematic movement."

III - The Ritual

III - The Ritual review

"The world created in III is mystical, mysterious and eerie. The story is merely an excuse for some fantastical set pieces and superb audiovisual journeys into the minds of the protagonists."

The Wall-Passer

The Wall-Passer review

"A splendid experience. Add awesome visuals and some pretty weird but cool musical choices, and what you get is something that might leave you scratching your head, but in a good way."

Tokyo Vampire Hotel - The Movie

Tokyo Vampire Hotel - The Movie review

"100% vintage, uncut, madcap Sono. An insanely bloody, stylish and unique vampire flick that mixes classic folklore with original lore and delivers one of his most impressive rollercoaster rides yet."

Only Yesterday

Only Yesterday review

"There aren't any big dramatic swoops, nor any major events or surprising plot twists. The setup in simple, the setting is simple, but the execution is absolute perfection."

They Say Nothing Stays the Same

They Say Nothing Stays the Same review

"Odagiri combined Doyle and Hamasyan's work to create a superb atmosphere, assembled a supremely talented cast and blended everything into a smart, empathic and respectful film."

The Last Circus

The Last Circus review

"A technical marvel, an unearthly combination of pulp and arthouse that is equally moving as it is entertaining, without ever becoming cheap or misplaced."

Shell and Joint

Shell and Joint review

"Somewhat experimental, pretty damn funny and extremely Japanese. A stylistic and comedic masterpiece that hides its wit really well, but for those who reach the end it's impossible to miss."


Steamboy review

"Simple enough to not alienate Western audiences, superbly animated and spilling over with lush details. Every single frame is a work of art, ready for hanging on the wall."

The Butcher, the Chef and the Swordsman

The Butcher, the Chef and the Swordsman review

"Flashy, funny, weird and in-your-face. I'm an instant Wuershan fan and I hope he'll keep making films like this before slowly fading away doing big budget stuff"


Breath review

"A truly awesome film. Breath may not really my preferred kind of cinema and because of that Ki-duk's accomplishment is all the more impressive, for making me love this film and its characters."