The Forest of Love

The Forest of Love review

"Sono's latest is another wild experience, full of energetic performances, manic camera work and excessive events. A fever trip that holds you prisoner and dazzles all the way through."

The Case of Hana & Alice

The Case of Hana & Alice review

"Iwai found the right balance between Japanese live-action drama and the magic of animation. The film looks great, the story is moving, and the characters are quirky but lovable."

Where the Wild Things Are

Where the Wild Things Are review

"Flows to the waves of childlike wonder and pleasure. Jonze's execution is flawless, making it a marvelously surreal trip through Monsterland. Highly recommended."

Deep Sea

Deep Sea review

"The film's overwhelming visuals and its bright and bustling fantasy universe were quick to pull me in, the experimental touches and the onslaught of visual detail kept me glued to the screen."


Trainspotting review

"Boyle's breakthrough film is pretty crude and edgy, but it's also a cinematic wonderland about a bunch of drug-craving friends, drenched in thick accents and presented with plenty of wit."

Valhalla Rising

Valhalla Rising review

"This film is a solid, well-made, and impressive trip that reaches back to our more primitive emotions, focusing a lot more on atmosphere and experience, rather than plot and characters."

In This Corner of the World

In This Corner of the World review

"It may start off sweet, and it may look the part, but underneath there's anger, disappointment and suffering, though well hidden beneath the positive disposition of its main character."


Hero review

"With an all-star cast, a terrific cinematographer, a legendary director and some of the most spectacular fight scenes ever choreographed this film delivers."

Millennium Mambo

Millennium Mambo review

"Hou treats his subject with respect, just as he grants his characters the right amount of credibility. The result is a mesmerizing look into the life of a girl searching for her true identity."

Man Bites Dog

Man Bites Dog review

"Wildly funny, surprisingly off-center and grimly amusing. It might be a little difficult film to blindly recommend to others, but if you're into black comedy, make it your top priority."

Mad Detective

Mad Detective review

"His genre work is strong, comes with a very personal signature, it's seamlessly executed, and seems to lack any obvious weak points. Mad Detective is a definite recommendation."

Late Bloomer

Late Bloomer review

"Late Bloomer presents a whole new way of applying cyberpunk aesthetics to a film subject, mixing it with a documentary take on one of the most interesting characters I've ever seen in a film."

Trava: Fist Planet

Trava: Fist Planet review

"The combination of manic animation and dry, deadpan conversations is no doubt an acquired taste, still, there is plenty left to enjoy if you have a soft spot for animation."


Versus review

"Kitamura put a lot of variation between the fight scenes, sprinkled the film with plenty of comedy interludes, and comes up with smart and clever details at regular intervals."

The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel review

"There are so many priceless moments, so many memorable scenes, and plenty of amazing details that make the film that much better. The Grand Budapest Hotel is Anderson at his very best."

The Mole Song

The Mole Song review

"Vintage Miike with bazookas and manga-like jumps, crazy Yakuza gangs, and a complete disregard for the normal. There is nobody like Miike when it comes to cranking out entertaining films."

The Warrior and the Wolf

The Warrior and the Wolf review

"Ignore (or embrace) the wayward storytelling and let yourself be swamped by the majestic and dark imagery, and you'll have no problem uncovering the heart of The Warrior and The Wolf."

Requiem for a Dream

Requiem for a Dream review

"Destined to leave a permanent mark on cinema history and forever a reference for all other Aronofsky films. If you can stomach the tragedy, it's a film you simply cannot skip."


Delicatessen review

"Caro and Jeunet make an excellent team and while Jeunet has the skills to put out a great film by himself, Caro's magic touch is dearly missed in his later work."

A Snake of June

A Snake of June review

"A vintage Tsukamoto, with extrovert visuals, a superb soundtrack, and a strong focus on the human body, but underneath there's a layer of humanity that wasn't really present before."

Only Yesterday

Only Yesterday review

"There aren't any big dramatic swoops, nor any major events or surprising plot twists. The setup in simple, the setting is simple, but the execution is absolute perfection."

Mr. Nobody

Mr. Nobody review

"There is so much going on, both stylistically and story-wise, that it may be a bit much the first time around. Even so, the film leaves you with a feeling of having watched something very special."

Heaven's Door

Heaven's Door review

"Arias has a more modern sense of style and direction, giving the film its very own face, but there's just something very Kitano-esque about the couple reaching the beach in the final scene of the film."

Funuke, Show Some Love You Losers

Funuke, Show Some Love You Losers review

"A visually attractive film, with strong performances and some goofy humor. But underneath lies a mean-spirited dramatic layer that leaves a pretty strong impression."


Smuggler review

"Smuggler is an extremely entertaining slice of dark entertainment. Littered with weird and freaky characters, the four chapters are nicely entangled and combine into an interesting finale."