Dead Daughters

Dead Daughters review

"Don't expect a typical horror film going into Dead Daughters, but expect to be impressed by Ruminov's skill to conjure up a tense and moody atmosphere out of thin air."

Paco and the Magical Picture Book

Paco and the Magical Picture Book review

"It's overly childish, way too fluffy for its own good, and it's over-the-top maximalist while being completely unapologetic about it, but in the end, it still works like a charm."


Outrage review

"The first hour or so provides a solid setup, introducing all characters and factions related to the Yakuza gang, while the final 30 minutes are the icing on the cake."


Bipolar review

"A stunning road movie, a mysterious trip through the heart of China that doesn't lose itself in the usual contradictions, but sculpts a delicate portrait of its lead character."


Neo-Tokyo review

"A couple of directors come together to give the best of themselves, enjoying the freedom to make something that doesn't necessarily need to meet customer demands."

Norwegian Wood

Norwegian Wood review

"It's beautifully shot, wonderfully scored, and sporting some great performances. It ranks well in just about every department, aptly showcasing the progress Tran has made as a director."

Your Name

Your Name review

"An even higher level of stylistic finish, a 90-minute plus runtime, and an ending that is easier to swallow for mainstream audiences, and it's no surprise Your Name turned out to be a smash hit."

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse review

"This is truly next-gen stuff, a peek into the future of animated cinema that will reshape what we consider acceptable, not just on a technical but also on a creative level."

Three Times

Three Times review

"The acting is very natural, Hou's camera is delicate and loving and the score is spot on. Three Times is a beautiful film, casting its view on the different aspects of love and romance."

Tokyo Fist

Tokyo Fist review

"An exceptional audiovisual experience, a worthwhile drama, and a lesson in how to properly film a boxing match. It's a pretty short film that packs quite a punch."


Gemini review

"Gemini is a stylish, dark, and twisted mix of Rampo and Tsukamoto elements, complementing each other perfectly. It's a film that still stands proud and hasn't lost any of its appeal."

Last Life in the Universe

Last Life in the Universe review

"For a long time, you may wonder what the fuss is all about, but then the end credits start to roll and you suddenly realize what a truly wonderful film Ratanaruang delivered."


3-Iron review

"3-Iron is a silent journey, following two characters who don't talk to each other directly, but understand each other's feelings all too well. To be a witness to that feels like something special."

14 Blades

14 Blades review

"Donnie Yen is perfect in his role, the choreography is splendid and creative. Add some neat visuals and the result is a perfect update of the martial arts genre"


Bronson review

"People who like their films just a little different, a bit more daring, and served with a dash of freshness will do well to check this one out. Highly recommended."


Antichrist review

"Atmospheric, moody, technically impressive, and pretty mysterious. It's gory and contains a couple of harsh scenes, but never actually shocking (let alone added for simple shock value)."

In The Mood For Love

In The Mood For Love review

"Doyle and Umebayashi do a great job, and Leung and Cheung are stellar, but they cannot hide the fact that Kar Wai grew even more skilled after completing this film."

Hana and Alice

Hana and Alice review

"All in all, it's a very sweet, very natural, and naive little film that has charm aplenty and feels particularly short for a film that runs well past the 120-minute barrier."


Haze review

"Haze may be a little less refined and accomplished than some of his more famed films, but Tsukamoto did manage to regain that guerrilla charm that made his first films so irresistible."

Toy Reanimator

Toy Reanimator review

"It's a cute and interesting fantasy tale with a darker edge, sporting some lovely visuals and some solid performances, never outstaying its welcome and leaving a fresh impression."

Bunny Drop

Bunny Drop review

"A lovely film with lots to smile about. Wonderfully acted, creatively visualized, aptly scored, and with its heart in the right place, you can't really go wrong with this one."


Amelie review

"Jeunet delivers 120 minutes of fine-tuned awe and wonder, wrapped up in an extremely appealing package. Required viewing for everyone who is getting serious about cinema."

Death Trance

Death Trance review

"A film that should get a fair chance from all Versus fans out there. You might be put off by its eagerness to show off, but at the same time that's probably the film's biggest strength."

Sodium Babies

Sodium Babies review

"The film is packed to the brim with great ideas and memorable scenes, it's a true testament to their talent, but at the same time it's also quite chaotic and a little bumpy."

Spring Subway

Spring Subway review

"Zhang does a magnificent job at both romantic and dramatic angles and delivers a beautifully shot and scored film, revolving around a lovable but ill-fated couple."