Punch-Drunk Love

Punch-Drunk Love review

"The camera work, the use of color, the crazy soundtrack, and the quirky characters all indicate that this is not a film made by a director for hire, but conforming to a clear vision."

District 9

District 9 review

"It's a blockbuster, as a blockbuster should be. Near perfect use of CG, superb mech designs, great action scenes, some funny moments, and a premise interesting enough to kick-start the whole thing."


Bronson review

"People who like their films just a little different, a bit more daring, and served with a dash of freshness will do well to check this one out. Highly recommended."


Antichrist review

"Atmospheric, moody, technically impressive, and pretty mysterious. It's gory and contains a couple of harsh scenes, but never actually shocking (let alone added for simple shock value)."


Picnic review

"There is no excess here and Iwai's youthful enthusiasm creates a lovely blend of traditional drama and genre elements, resulting in a condensed bundle of joy."

Tetsuo: The Bullet Man

Tetsuo: The Bullet Man review

"It bears the same charm and defects as the first Tetsuo and some very minor extra glitches, but the core is still there. An assault to the senses in pretty much every way possible."

Your Name

Your Name review

"An even higher level of stylistic finish, a 90-minute plus runtime, and an ending that is easier to swallow for mainstream audiences, and it's no surprise Your Name turned out to be a smash hit."

The Mole Song

The Mole Song review

"Vintage Miike with bazookas and manga-like jumps, crazy Yakuza gangs, and a complete disregard for the normal. There is nobody like Miike when it comes to cranking out entertaining films."


Cannibal review

"Cannibal is definitely my kind of film. Incredibly atmospheric, uncompromising, and unique, a film that appears to be easy genre filler on the outside, but packs quite a few surprises."


Haze review

"Haze may be a little less refined and accomplished than some of his more famed films, but Tsukamoto did manage to regain that guerrilla charm that made his first films so irresistible."


Killing review

"Killing is very much in line with Tsukamoto's more recent work. A little more subdued and in control, slightly more accessible, but in its own way still very punk, very pure and completely unique."


Cloverfield review

"Reeves strikes a superb balance between fear, chaos, and mystery, revealing bits and pieces of information at the right time and showing just enough to tease without coming off as cheap or low-budget."


Mandy review

"Mandy is a must-see film, especially for people who have a soft spot for horror and experimental cinema, just be prepared for a little unevenness."

Hana and Alice

Hana and Alice review

"All in all, it's a very sweet, very natural, and naive little film that has charm aplenty and feels particularly short for a film that runs well past the 120-minute barrier."

The City of Lost Children

The City of Lost Children review

"If you're a fan of Delicatessen and you haven't seen The City of Lost Children it's really a no-brainer."

Where the Wild Things Are

Where the Wild Things Are review

"Flows to the waves of childlike wonder and pleasure. Jonze's execution is flawless, making it a marvelously surreal trip through Monsterland. Highly recommended."


Beast review

"A powerful drama, enriched with strong horror elements, perfectly visualized, scored to perfection, and fleshed out by a selection of first-class actors."

Postman Blues

Postman Blues review

"The film remains witty, and smart and contains just the right amount of drama and depth besides the obvious comedy. Sabu is a master filmmaker and deserves more international exposure."

Death Trance

Death Trance review

"A film that should get a fair chance from all Versus fans out there. You might be put off by its eagerness to show off, but at the same time that's probably the film's biggest strength."


Shamo review

"Visually beautiful, strong use of sound and an unconventionally ruthless story. Cheang is a real talent and proves himself again after fabulous films like New Blood and Dog Bite Dog."

The Place Promised in Our Early Days

The Place Promised in Our Early Days review

"For a 10-year old animation film The Place Promised in Our Early Days still looks and feels remarkably fresh."

Oblivion Island

Oblivion Island review

"A true fantasy film that betrays I.G's struggle with full-CG animation, but makes up for that with excellent art direction and bucket loads of creativity."

The Bow

The Bow review

"The Bow is a pretty logical evolution in Ki-duk's career. It includes many of the themes and stylistic choices from his older films while still lacking the slicker execution of his newer ones."

Dead Daughters

Dead Daughters review

"Don't expect a typical horror film going into Dead Daughters, but expect to be impressed by Ruminov's skill to conjure up a tense and moody atmosphere out of thin air."

964 Pinocchio

964 Pinocchio review

"It's one of the few films that manages to have a physical effect on its audiences, something I can truly appreciate. To endure is to overcome, and once the film is finished you do feel somehow reborn."